Archetype Portfolio Theory of Forms Archetypal forms have been around as long as human civilization. For example Plato thought that ideas themselves were pure mental forms that were imprinted in the soul before they came into the world. He believed that ideas were part of a collective unconscious that all humans shared and could tap into. Each culture creates its own archetypes depending on its origins. Whether it is Chacmool in Aztec culture or Mercury in Roman they share the same spirit. I have created my own language of archetypes that represent the current culture heroes that are important to me. Many of the archetypes live in the stars. They are always there and appear at night when people would tell stories of their culture heroes so they could talk about them and show them to the people who were listening to the tale. For this reason I have set my archetypes in the stars. One year several therapists and psychiatrists had purchased my artwork for their offices. I thought this was strange so I asked one of them why. He plainly said that he thought my artwork was founded in Jungian philosophy. This was a surprise to me since it had never occurred to me. I learned more about Jung and then realized that my ideas in my artwork are based on a combination of Plato’s ideas, philosophy and Native American thought. Jung used these ideas as his foundation to build on. The work that you see is constantly evolving so their meanings change as time passes. For example a culture hero I chose was a crying boy. When I first drew him he was like Edvard Munch’s ‘Scream’ overwhelmed with reality. Now he might be frustrated with mankind. But he is still there crying, overwhelmed, and there in the stars. The collective unconscious is my idea of the common thread that runs thru us all playing ball in this summer dusk. These ideas are not firm and the viewer brings with them their culture to imprint on the images.