Institutional tan 3 therapy cells that are functioning and the viewer can use them - these cells were made for inmates that are in solitary confinement for life-they have no regular human interaction and their psychiatrists thought they would benefit form group therapy ,these cages were made for them to have group therapy . this sculpture will be at the mount from june 10th-oct 31 the opening is june 10 2 plunkett st Lenox mass from 5-7pm place gallery 26 main st millerton NY thru june 2018 "new location < installation of prison drawings While I was in prison I did approximately 400 drawings. the drawings are installed as they were drawn from floor to ceiling each Manila envelope represents a week in time I show these drawings on three an installation walls.: > modern archetypes , at PLACE millerton NY encaustic paintings on canvas SELF PORTRAITS Several works done currently and over the years as self-portraits. ' REGRETS A series of works done between 2014-2015. I am currently working on an exhibition "MEMENTO" of cereal boxes with telephone chair pedestals . Currently you can call anyone at anytime on the cell phone while they are walking down the street,or driving. The telephone chair was made in a time when each household had one telephone and it was attached to the wall and if you are talking you sat in this chair. so your only focus would be talking on the telephone. these are the pedestals for the cereal boxes so that you might sit and look at them closer . the cereal boxes are meant as three dimensional drawings