James Meyer is an indigenous North American artist (Gauchichil) whose tribe is disenfranchised. He was adopted in the United States at a young age and this experience of multiple cultures drives his artwork. Working in Conceptual imagery and using sources of memory, expectations, and literature, he works through his experience of class culture and race to investigate ideas that are overlooked and misunderstood. In 2015 Meyer was imprisoned for 18 months. Upon his release, he decided to start over. He completed his Bachelor's degree at SVA and his Masters Degree at MECA'D in Maine. Meyer works both sculpturally and with drawing to make installations. His artworks are in the Collections of the National Gallery and the Whitney Museum. He currently lives and works in the northwest corner of Connecticut, while in Maine he teaches drawing classes at the Maine State Prison. His Sculptures are installed at the Mike Mcgraw Park in Lewiston Maine are